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Below is a collection of photos from Fargo hardwood floor projects we've completed that feature Douglas Fir flooring. You can see it in different stages: freshly sanded with no finish, sanded and refinished natural and sanded, stained and refinished to change the color...

Douglas Fir stained
This Douglas Fir floor has been stained and coated with a matte finish
Buffing Douglas Fir floors
Staining Fir stair tread
Sanding Douglas Fir
Refinishing Douglas Fir
Above you can see various stages of Douglas Fir being sanded and stained. Notice the blotchy appearance.

CUSTOMER feedback

Jim is exceptionally responsive and he and his crew were fantastic to work with! He spent A LOT of time helping us find the right product for what we were looking for.

My only minor criticism would be a couple of small gaps between the plank bevels, but maybe that's just inevitable in any real wood floor, even engineered, over such a large area. We would definitely recommend them and use them again!

Benjamin Williams | Fargo, ND
Freshly sanded Fir flooring
This is the Fir floor in the top photo before it was water-popped and stained
Refinished Fir floor in Fargo
Stained and finished Fir
Fir on second floor
Stained dark Fir
Here are some Douglas Fir floors stained and coated

A lot of Douglas Fir floors are quite old, worn, and beat up. But as you can see from the photos above, they turn out beautiful with a bit of love and care. To learn more about sanding and refinishing Douglas Fir floors in Fargo, head over to this article: Can Douglas Fir Floors Be Sanded?

CUSTOMER feedback

We are a young couple that just bought our first house, a MAJOR fixer upper! The house had original wood floors that had bad pet stains. Loving original wood floors we wanted to restore them. Jim came in and talked us through the process, he explained that he would do his best to eliminate the stains.

The floors look better than we could have imagined, no one believes they are the same ones! The natural wood grain shows, the color is perfect, the patched in areas are flawless, and you would never be able to tell where the pets stains were. I would recommend Jim to anyone looking to get the floors done. Amazing work!! We can't wait to finish the remodel and move in to show off our beautiful wood floors!

Lucas Gunkelman | Fargo, ND

Do you have Douglas Fir floors?

If you want any more information or have questions about Douglas Fir floors, either installing, refinishing or repairing, please feel free to get in touch or book an in-home estimate.

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