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Fargo and Moorhead areas have lots of houses with older Maple hardwood floors installed. Natural Accent Hardwood Floors has worked on hundreds of Maple floors over the years. Many of them needed repairs before we could sand and refinish them. Below you'll see a small collection of photos from these new and old Maple projects we've worked on...

Maple hardwood floors
This old Maple floor from the 50's was restored to better than new condition
Refinsihed Maple
Maple floor repair
Maple in living room
Maple floor in bedroom
Above are some of the finished photos of this Maple restoration, plus one of the repairs needed

CUSTOMER feedback

Abby Huotari | Fargo, ND
Old Maple needing repairs
This poor old Maple floor has seen much better days. Lots of repairs are needed here
First sand removing old finish
Damaged wood removed
Reclaimed wood installed
Rubbish inbetween boards
Above shows the various stages of repairs and sanding old Maple flooring
Staining maple floor
And here we are starting the staining process on this old Maple floor

CUSTOMER feedback

Christopher Ferris | Fargo, ND
Stain samples
Dark stained Maple
Maple stained dark
Stained Maple
Some various photos of different Maple stain colors
Floor stain sample
Getting a Maple floor finish sample ready for a customer

CUSTOMER feedback

After hiring another contractor for our floors and having a very negative experience, I was extremely leery of hiring someone else.

My floors look absolutely amazing! Jim and Brandon were so good that I will be hiring them to do the rest of the floors in my house. I would highly recommend them!

Jessica Habli | Fargo, ND
Applying finish on Maple floor
Beginning the finish coating process over a newly stained Maple floor

CUSTOMER feedback

Jami Kolrud | Fargo, ND
Maple floor before sanding
Old Maple refinished
Setting up sanding tools
First coat of finish
Some of the beautiful Maple floor designs we see here in Fargo
Satin finish sheen on Maple
All repaired, sanded and refinished to better than new condition

CUSTOMER feedback

I recently bought an older home & refinishing the hardwood floors was a priority for me. Jim gave me a thorough and detailed quote and was able to work with my timeline to schedule the work to be done before I moved in which was very helpful.

They obviously take a lot of care and pride in their workmanship and I highly recommend them!

Lori Robinson | Fargo, ND
Old Maple floor natural
Maple in dining room
Maple floor in living room
New Maple floor in kitchen
Old and new Maple floors sanded, refinished and kept natural
Brand new Maple flooring
This is brand new Maple, notice the color difference to the older Maple common in Fargo homes

As you can see, maple floors come up looking amazing once restored. If you have an older house, most likely, you'll need some repairs similar to the ones shown in the photos above. One thing to note about Maple floors is that they are more difficult to stain than Oak floors. So make sure you get samples first to know what they will look like.

CUSTOMER feedback

Jim did a great job with our project. We were in the market to get our wood floors re-done and repaired on our main floor. Jim was very responsive when we reached out and trying to figure things out in the process. He explained everything in detail and helped us understand what we needed to do to make sure our floors looked the best they could. [They] were very efficient and kept our house looking great, even while working on our floors.

Definitely recommend Accent Hardwood to anyone and will be going back to them the next time we need work done.

Robert Vallie | Fargo, ND

Do you have Maple floors?

If you want any more information or have questions about restoring your old Maple floors or installing new ones, please feel free to get in touch or book an in-home estimate.

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