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There are lots of Red Oak and White Oak floors in Fargo and Moorhead. We've worked on hundreds over the years we've operated Natural Accent Hardwood Floors. Below are some photos from various installation, repair and sanding and refinishing projects we've completed...

Natural oak floor after refinishing
Above is a newly sanded and refinished oak floor in Fargo
Wide plank oak floor
Newly installed oak stair treads
Refinished oak with penetrating oil
Stair treads just refinished
The above photos are a new wide plank white oak installation with a penetrating oil finish

CUSTOMER feedback

Jim is a true craftsman, extremely knowledgeable, and the utmost professional. He removed carpeting from my living room, hallway, stairs and 2 bedrooms and installed natural red oak.

He was also very COVID conscious and wore a mask inside my home. He is a true gem for the Fargo-Moorhead area!

Janna Diggs | Fargo, ND
Oak floor needing repairs
The photo above is an oak floor that needed lots of repairs and lacing new oak flooring in to match the old oak
Floor ready to be laced in
Buffing Oak floor
Installing oak flooring
Installing stairs
Here you can see various stages of Oak floor repairs and installation
Oak floor drying
And here is the project complete with brand new water-based finish applied and drying

CUSTOMER feedback

Summary: fantastic experience working with Jim and Ben. Responsive, great communication throughout, beautiful finished work, went above and beyond on extras like staining the new stair handrail to match the floors. Estimate provided several options. The dustless option was truly dustless. They did the entire main floor, the stairs, and one upstairs room. The new house looks amazing, and I could not be happier!! Thank you!

My handyman was incredibly impressed with the process and said the precision work and level of detail was well worth the price.

Pamela J. | Fargo, ND
Oak floor repairs
Oak floor with Easy Prime finish
Applying water-based finish
Water-based finish drying
Some more repairs and finishing the red oak it's natural color
Rolling finish on Oak floor
Rolling on the first coat of finish

CUSTOMER feedback

Great experience! Jim and Ben are the nicest guys and very easy to work with. They couldn't have done a better job. We absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Awesome experience!

Scott Wendorff | Fargo, ND
Stained oak flooring
Medium stained floor
Refinished red oak floor
Stained and refinished oak
This Red Oak project was stained a medium-dark stain color and finished in a satin sheen
Satin sheen on Oak floor
Close-up of the Red Oak with satin water-based floor finish
Medium brown stain
Sanding stain
Stain samples on White Oak
Fresh stained floor
Various stages of Oak floor staining and refinishing

If you have an Oak floor, you'll be able to have them sanded and refinished to bring them back to better than new condition. Repairs are relatively easy versus some older floors like Douglas Fir and Maple. They also take stain extremely well and can be stained from any color, light to dark. Of course, you can keep them natural if you prefer the original look.

CUSTOMER feedback

First off, I recommend Jim and Natural Accent Hardwood Floors to everyone I talk to that is considering a hardwood flooring project. He is the best contractor I have ever worked with in terms of communication, cleanliness, consideration, and comfort level (I am a stay at home mom, so having someone I was ok being around by myself or with my kids was a huge thing for me). I had many questions along the way, and he was able to answer them with confidence and advise me when I needed, otherwise listened when I had ideas.

One thing Jim is very adamant on is allowing the new wood to acclimate to our humidity levels so we wouldn't end up with gaps or buckling, and would not lay it until he was confident it was acclimated. Other people didn't seem to have a clue about acclimation when we asked, or felt ok with a few days (I think we had ours for several weeks) so I can only imagine what would happen with the humidity fluctuations in our house from winter to summer. Ours looks like the day it was laid even though it has gotten pretty humid in here this summer. He also helped us decide on a wood that was strong enough for a family with kids.

We went with a 4" Rift & Quartered-Sawn White Oak with a White-Wash finish (he made several sample boards with different finishes and woods until we found one we loved), and we are so thrilled with the final product. It has held up beautifully (even with our 2 little kiddos, their friends, and toys), and everyone who comes to our house loves it.

One more thing to add in terms of cleanliness. Obviously it is a messy project (particularly ours with the tile being taken out), but everyday when they were done, the house was shopvacced, and all of their tools were neatly laid out of the way, and out of the hands of my kiddos.

Becky Mcgrath | Fargo, ND

Do you have Red or White Oak floors?

If you want any more information or have questions about restoring or installing Oak floors, please feel free to get in touch or book an in-home estimate.

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