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Not every floor in Fargo is Oak, Maple, or Douglas Fir. We have lots of variety with other types of wood floors that need sanding and refinishing, installing, or repairing. Below are some photos of these wood flooring projects we've worked on over the years...

Hickory wood flooring
This flooring project is Hickory. We installed it, then sanded and refinished it with a waterbased finish
Refinished Hickory floor
Split level floor
Hickory wrap around column
Hickory stair treads
A few more photos of the Hickory installation and refinishing project in Fargo

CUSTOMER feedback

We had an amazing experience with Natural Accent Hardwood Floors. We tore up our carpet to have it replaced and found out that we had original hardwood floors underneath! They were not in the best shape so we called Jim up and he came over and looked at the floors.

Never have we had such a polite and respectful crew in our home and we will definitely recommend them to everyone and anyone. Thank you Jim and Brandon for all your hard work!!! We love our new floor!!!

Ronda S | Fargo, ND
pine stain samples
The wood above is new pine. We've laid out a few color and finish samples for the client to choose between

CUSTOMER feedback

We hired Jim and his crew to refinish our floors and correct the mess we had after we made the mistake of hiring a general contractor to refinish the hardwood floors in our home.

They do amazing work! Don’t make the the same mistake we did and think just anyone can refinish a hardwood floor!

B Ballantyne | Fargo, ND
New pine floor
Pine floor in kitchen
Pine floor refinished
Walnut stair treads
Some more photos of the finished pine floor and a Walnut staircase we refinished
Birch wood floors
This is an old Birch floor we restored in Fargo and coated with a waterbased finish

This means we don’t just cut a square and fill it, but instead, we take the time to cut staggered butt-ends, so no two butt-ends are next to each other. This is how your original floor was installed, and this is the only way to make the repair blend and look seamless.

CUSTOMER feedback

After reading reviews and meeting Jim I was confident I'd made the right choice. I was absolutely correct! Jim refinished and stained our entire house. He custom blended a color to my specifications and personally dropped the samples until I was 100% satisfied.

Christy Brawner | Fargo, ND

If you have any type of hardwood floor...

We are happy to provide information or answer your questions about restoring, installing, or repairing whatever type of hardwood floor you have... or want. Please feel free to get in touch or book an in-home estimate.

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