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Seldom do we come across an old hardwood floor in Fargo (1960’s and prior) where there aren’t some spots in the wood that are stained, discolored, severely gaped, rotted, gouged, or missing. Often we can address these spots without repair, but, in many cases, the only way to fix the floor is to repair.

Replacing pet stained boards
A Maple hardwood floor in Fargo in need of some significant repairs

At Natural Accent Hardwood Floors, we have completed hundreds of wood floor repairs. As a result, we have the experience to look after any damaged areas on your floor.

Great repairs vs bad repairs...

The first difference between a good repair and an amateur one is how well it blends with the rest of the floor on completion of the sanding.

Often we have to use old, salvaged wood to blend into the old floor due to new wood not having the right color. Maple and Douglas fir are examples of wood that takes on too much distinctive color with new wood if the floors are old enough. So we source vintage flooring that will match as close as possible to your existing flooring.

Replacing pet stained boards

The other key to blending the repair into the floor is to “stagger” the repair into the existing floor (other terms for this are “teething,” “weaving,” or “fingering”). You can see an example of this in the photo above.

This means we don’t just cut a square and fill it, but instead, we take the time to cut staggered butt-ends, so no two butt-ends are next to each other. This is how your original floor was installed, and this is the only way to make the repair blend and look seamless.

Sanding stair handrail
Sanding stair tread
Sanding stair post
Staining stair treads

The second difference between a bad and great repair is if the floor is solid in the area of repair or full of squeaks. No one wants a squeaky floor. Although it takes a little more time, we use subfloor adhesive on all our repairs. This way, the repair area will never be the culprit for squeaks.

Replacing pet stained boards

If the repair is close to the wall, it is often easier to tear out the bad section all the way to the wall and avoid staggering in butt-ends. You can see an example of this in the photo below...

Replacing pet stained boards

Often adding a feature strip or border is less labor than staggering in butt-ends if the damaged section is extensive enough. This way, you save a little money on labor and get a nice feature in your floor. Unfortunately, the repair area is not always in a good location for a feature, but we usually can think of something creative with a bit of imagination.

If you need any repair work...

We are happy to look at the damaged flooring section in person and provide a quote to repair it. This will be part of your in-home estimate. If you want any more information or have questions about how to repair damaged areas of your floor, please feel free to get in touch.

PHOTOS from past projects

CUSTOMER feedback

Jim and his crew did a phenomenal job! They refinished and repaired the floors in our living room, dining room and office. The living room floor had been under carpet for years and had numerous pet stains as well as a very large repair where a wall used to be. Jim has [been] able to breath new life into the floors and make them look like new! He was very respectful of our time and our home making sure to keep us updated on the project and showing us our options along the way. I would 100% recommend Natural Accent Hardwood Floors to anyone for hardwood floor repair or refinishing! Justin Twogood | Fargo, ND
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