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Lots of houses in Fargo and Moorhead have wood stairs along with their hardwood floors. Staircases are one of the most used parts of a home. After years of wear, they naturally start to look worn. We're fully equipped to handle any stair work needed in your home. Below are some wood stair restorations and re-builds we've done over the years in Fargo and the surrounding areas...

Handscraping stair treads
Hand scraping a set of Oak stair treads before sanding, staining, and applying finish
Stairs covered with carpets
Stair railing removed
Stair posts and railings removed
Stair treads being removed
Old carpet staircase, spindles, and hand railings being removed and renovated or replaced
New Oak stair treads installed
New Oak treads are being installed to replace the old carpeted treads

CUSTOMER feedback

Kathy Vander Vorst | Fargo, ND
Oak treads and white risers
New white risers installed to match the new Oak treads
New Oak risers being installed
Dark stained stair treads
Full stair rebuild
Stained and refinished staircase
Various stages of staircase renovation and refinishing

CUSTOMER feedback

We have original hardwood floors in our home that was built in 1928. After pulling up the carpet, the floors had a few stains from our years-departed cat (r.i.p. Nanook), and some uneven sanding from prior finishing attempts, etc. They were old and a bit rough.

I would absolutely recommend Natural Accent Hardwood Floors to bring your old, beat-up hardwood back to its original glory.

Phil Hunt | Fargo, ND
Restoring a set of stairs in Fargo
Lot's of careful and tedious handwork is needed when restoring stairs

Restoring stairs takes the most time and effort per square foot in a hardwood floor refinishing project. A lot of work needs to be done by hand due to all the corners and edges on each tread. Times that by the number of treads you have and it's quite the project.

As we've sanded and refinished countless staircases over the years in Fargo ND, we have all the skills and specialized equipment needed for your stair project. If you have the same wood on your floors, we can also stain your stairs and treads the same color so they both match. If you have different wood, as some Fargo houses do, we can also replace the treads to match.

CUSTOMER feedback

Family Schwengler | Fargo, ND

Do you have wood stairs?

If you have some wood steps or an entire hardwood staircase, we're happy to answer any questions you may have about restoring them. Please feel free to get in touch or book an in-home estimate.

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